Nurse Administrator/Executive Programs

Become a certified Nurse Executive by enrolling in an MSN in Nursing Administration program.

A Master of Science in Nursing degree with a concentration in Nursing Administration prepares nurses for advanced practice in a variety of leadership and managerial roles within the health care delivery system in a variety of settings.

Graduates are prepared to assume professional leadership roles that encompass educational, consultative, and managerial functions in areas such as clinical leadership, educational leadership, nursing administration, public health care, military health care, organizational development, public policy, and research to name a few.

Nurse Administrators have discovered that the health care industry not only requires advanced professional nursing skills, but it also requires the application of advanced business theories. As a result, many colleges and universities offering MSNs with a specialization in Nursing Administration also offer a dual MSN/MBA.

Nurse Exective (NE-BC/NEA-BC) Certification

Nursing Administration specialty programs at the Master’s level prepare nurses by meeting the educational requirements for the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s certification exam. Depending on the level for which they are qualified, graduates can be certified as either a Nurse Executive – Board Certified (NE-BC) or Nurse Executive, Advanced – Board Certified (NEA-BC).