Nursing Careers

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Below we have provided descriptions and profiles of some of the major career choices available to nurses. The options are truly limitless as far as the types of roles from which you may choose and settings where your knowledge of nursing care can be put to use.

Nursing Career Specialties

Learn about many of the career options available to registered nurses. Each of the career profiles below gives a description of what a position in that particular specialty might entail, the roles filled by nurses in that specialty, the settings where they might work, as well as information about qualifications and certification.

Critical Care Nursing: Intense and Rewarding
Discover how a career as a critical care nurse can be so rewarding as they save lives on a daily basis treating those with life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
Learn about critical care nurses.

Oncology Nursing: Passionate Cancer Care
Learn about a career in the rapidly evolving field of oncology nursing. Find out how highly skilled oncology nurses care for cancer patients and their families.
Learn about oncology nurses.

Emergency Nursing: Managed Chaos
Find out about emergency nursing careers. Discover how they work in an often chaotic environment but keep their cool as they care for patients during the initial phases of acute illness or trauma.
Learn about emergency nurses.

Neonatal Nursing: A Passion for Newborns
Explore careers available to neonatal nurses. Learn how these remarkable nurses work to care for infants who experience a wide range of medical problems at or shortley after birth.
Learn about neonatal nurses.

School Nursing: Caring for Students
Read about school nursing careers. Find out how these nurses working in educational institutions at all levels from elementary schools to colleges care for students and promote their life-long health and achievement.
Learn about school nurses.

Perioperative Nursing: Working in the OR
Discover facts about a career in perioperative nursing. Learn how they not only provide intraoperative care during surgery, but also provide care during preoperative and postoperative phases of surgery.
Learn about perioperative nurses.

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
Learn about psychiatric/mental health nursing careers. Discover how the roles of psychiatric nurses has drastically expanded since the 1800s when nurses first began working in mental hospitals.
Learn about psychiatric nurses.

Forensic Nursing: Where Nursing Meets Law
Find out about careers in forensic nursing. Read how they care for victims and perpetrators of traumatic events or criminal acts and recognize, collect, and document forensic evidence for use in legal proceedings.
Learn about forensic nurses.

Orthopedic Nursing: It’s Not Just Bones!
Explore careers in orthopedic nursing. Learn how they prevent and treat a wide range of diseases, disorders, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system’s bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
Learn about orthopedic nurses.

Graduate Nursing Careers

There are certain careers in nursing that require a graduate degree in nursing: a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Such degrees expand the roles that nurses can play in the field of health care. Many such graduate degree programs allow students to obtain advanced training in the specialties listed above.

Advanced Practice Nursing
Read about careers in advanced practice nursing. Find out about the various types of advanced practice nurses including nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse-midwives.
Learn about advanced practice nurses.

Nurse Educators
Discover information about a career as a nurse educator. Read about the various settings where nurses can work in an educator role and the various roles that they can play in a educator position.
Learn about nurse educators.

Clinical Nurse Leaders
Find out about a career as a clinical nurse leader. Learn how they are trained as advanced generalists similar to the way advanced practice registered nurses are trained as advanced specialists.
Learn about clinical nurse leaders.

Nurse Administrators/Nurse Executives
Explore a career as a nurse administrator. Discover how nurse administrators are prepared for advanced practice in a variety of leadership and managerial roles in a many settings within the health care system.
Learn about nurse administrators.

Advanced Practice Nursing Careers

Those interested in pursuing a career as an advanced practice registered nurse will need to choose between careers as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, or nurse-midwife. As a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist, you will also typically choose one or more specialty and/or subspecialty areas in which to focus their training.

Nurse Practitioner Careers
Read about nurse practitioner careers. Find a sample of roles that nurse practitioners can play in today’s health care delivery system, settings where they work, and areas in which they can specialize.
Learn about nurse practitioners.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Careers
Discover facts about a career as a clinical nurse specialist. Learn how they work to improve patient outcomes and nursing care through a focus on improving the three spheres of influence.
Learn about clinical nurse specialists.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Careers
Learn about certified registered nurse anesthetist careers. Find out about their scope of practice, the wide variety of settings where they can work, and the requirements for becoming a CRNA.
Learn about nurse anesthetists.

Certified Nurse-Midwife Careers
Find out what a career as certified nurse-midwife is like. Discover what nurse-midwives do, their scope of practice, settings in which they work, and what is required to become a certified nurse-midwife.
Learn about certified nurse-midwives.